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Understanding the MIPS data submission process can be quite confusing. Moreover, the selection of the right Quality measures is another challenge that stresses out urologists. One mistake that they make is a shift from measure to measure to maximize their performance score. But it can also lead to data redundancy. You do not have to do it. QPP MIPS consultants can take full responsibility for this process and enable you to focus on your primary tasks without worrying about the MIPS reporting.

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Target Up To 30% of the Total MIPS Score with the Urology Related Quality Measures

MIPS eligible urologist! We are all ready to take care of your MIPS reporting. Do you have any confusion regarding the MIPS Quality Measures, don’t fret as we have a specialist team of MIPS consultants to assist you to comply with the CMS requirements.
Urologists! You have to report 6 measures with one outcome or other high priority measures for success in this category. The data must be for the whole year and comply with 70% of eligible cases. In return, they could earn more than 3 points on each measure.

Do you know the requirements to make most of this category? We tell you. You have to report 6 measures with one outcome or high-priority measure. The data has to be comprised of 12-months complied with 70% of the eligible cases.
Following is the list of some of the measures that you can choose from.

Some of the suggestions related to this category are:

  • Advance Care Plan
  • Biopsy Follow-Up
  • Documentation of Current Medications in the Medical Record
  • Pelvic Organ Prolapse: Preoperative Screening for Uterine Malignancy
  • The proportion of Patients Sustaining a Ureter Injury at the Time of Pelvic Organ Prolapse Repair
  • Urinary Symptom Score Change 6-12 Months after Diagnosis of Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia
  • Urinary Incontinence: Plan of Care for Urinary Incontinence in Women Aged 65 Years and Older
  • Perioperative Care: Venous Thromboembolism (VTE) Prophylaxis (When Indicated in All Patients)

You can Score Up to 25% in Promoting Interoperability (PI) Category!

Is your medical practice tech-driven? Do you focus on implementing solutions that reduce your administrative load so you can enhance the quality time for your patients? Electronic Healthcare Records (EHRs) are a great help in this regard, and clinicians must have its 2015 certified version to target high points in PI. Team QPP MIPS knows everything about it and will help you efficiently record your performance.

Here are the measures, which urologists must consider to score high.

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    Electronic Case Reporting

  • null

    Clinical Data Registry Reporting

  • null

    Public Health Registry Reporting

  • null

    Immunization Registry Reporting

  • null

    Syndromic Surveillance Reporting

  • null

    Provide Patients Electronic Access to Their Health Information

  • null

    Support Electronic Referral Loops by Sending Health Information

  • null

    The query of Prescription Drug Monitoring Program

  • null

    Support Electronic Referral Loops by Receiving and Incorporating Health Info

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Is Achieving 15% of the MIPS Improvement Activities (IA) Score Easy?

To achieve maximum points in MIPS Improvement Activities (IA) must the following rules.

Clinicians must attest to 2 high-weighted activities or 4 medium-weighted activities in order to report their performance in this category.

As the name “Improvement Activities” suggest, all the activities that enhance the patient’s experience and improve the outcomes are subject to this category. In addition, CMS requires submitting its data for at least 90 days.

If you are a group for urologists looking to report data as a group, you must attest that you completed 1 high-weighted and 2 medium-weighted activities. The activity must be performed by 50% of the MIPS eligible urology specialists at any time frame of consecutive 90 days.

There are over 100 MIPS quality measures to choose from. However, here are some suggestions to come to help you know about this category.

  • Engagement of new Medicaid patients and follow-up (high weighted)
  • Engage patients and families to guide improvement in the system of care (high weighted)
  • Collection and use of patient experience and satisfaction data on access (medium-weighted)
  • Implementation of documentation improvements for practice/process improvements (medium-weighted)
  • Implementation of improvements that contribute to more timely communication of test results (medium-weighted)