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Convenient Neurology Medical Billing Services

Every healthcare provider wants to maintain the efficacy of their RCM at any cost. And outsourcing our neurology medical billing services rightfully serves the purpose! We maintain the accuracy of your neurology medical bills and handle the claim processing and revenue collection processes perfectly with our exceptional neurology billing services. Our team keeps a sharp eye on the evolving trends in the medical billing sector and keeps your processes in step with these changes. We serve you with:

Automated Billing System of Your Choice

Our automated billing complies with HIPAA regulations.

Accessible and Transparent Services

Our entire process is open, and all of our reports are clear.

Enhanced Profitability of Your Practice

We’re dedicated to securing every payment for your claims.

Billing Precision, Practice Prosperity: Employ our Tech-driven Neurology Billing Solutions!

Identify the Highest Scoring Neuro-Relevant MIPS Quality Measures with “QPP MIPS”

We make your administrative work less stressful with strategies that benefit your MIPS reporting. Starting from selecting the specialty-specific measures, we ensure that you submit your data without any confusion. Especially with the COVID situation this year, we help you make better choices to avoid up to 9% of the penalty.

  • We understand your specialty operability
  • We skim through all neuro-relevant measures
  • Our team picks out the best-suited MIPS Qualified Measures
  • We submit your MIPS data to CMS as complied with their criteria

Neurology Subspecialties: We Are Experts in

QPP MIPS provides services for neurology medical billing in USA as one of its specialties. Our neurology billing teams have professional expertise in different subspecialties of neurology billing.

Behavioral, Vascular, Interventional, Neuromuscular, Chemo denervation, Neuroimmunology, Neurorehabilitation, Pain Management, Nerve Blocks, Clinical Neurophysiology

Here are some suggestions to choose from the Neurology specialty-specific set.

  • Advance Care Plan
  • Falls: Risk Assessment
  • Falls: Plan of Care
  • Closing the Referral Loop: Receipt of Specialist Report
  • Overuse of Imaging for the Evaluation of Primary Headache
  • Dementia: Safety Concern Screening and Follow-Up for Patients with Dementia
  • Dementia: Cognitive Assessment
  • Parkinson’s Disease: Rehabilitative Therapy Options

Neurology Billing Excellence: Setting Up Best Practices

The percentage of improvement activities (IA) in MIPS 2022 reporting is 15%. However, how would you score it if you do not know about the measures to submit? We can help you here.

Allow us to handle the tricky billing and coding for neurology.

We leave no stone unturned for the financial stability of your neurology practice.

Trust our skilled team to handle your neurology medical billing needs.

Let your neurology practice be focused on delivering quality care to your patients.

How Can Our Neurology Billing Services Benefit You?

At QPP MIPS, our team of seasoned medical billing and coding professionals is here to serve you. With a wealth of experience, we offer extensive neurology billing services that include:

Patient Enrollment:
Efficiently managing the enrollment process for patients, ensuring accurate and up-to-date information.

Verification Process:
Thoroughly verifying insurance coverage, eligibility, and benefits to streamline the billing process.

Accounts Reconciling:
Ensuring accurate and timely account reconciliation, reducing errors, and maximizing revenue.

Appointments Handling:
Efficiently managing neurology appointments, optimizing scheduling, and reducing administrative burdens.

Insurance Collection:
Expertly managing the insurance claims process, from submission to follow-up, to secure prompt reimbursement.

Secured Billing Partner of Yours: Guaranteed Privacy and Confidentiality

At our medical billing company, safeguarding your privacy, discretion, and patient confidentiality is our top priority. We maintain a secure environment that upholds the highest standards of data protection.

Consider us your “Remote Business Office”, always just a step away. We pride ourselves on being responsive to your neurology medical billing needs. Despite the physical distance, our dedicated team operates seamlessly. Thus, QPP MIPS provides you with a sense of immediate proximity and support whenever required.

Why Choose Us?

Count on us for:

  • HIPAA-Compliant Neurology Billing
  • Timely Claims, Enhanced Collections
  • Affordable Services, Maximum Revenue
  • Zero Unpaid Claims: Our Promise
  • 24/7 Support for Your Practice
  • Boost Productivity, Improve Collections
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    The query of Prescription Drug Monitoring Program (PDMP) (optional)

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    Support Electronic Referral Loops by Receiving and Incorporating Health Information