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MIPS is falling into its eighth year of operations still physicians have lots of confusion, and questions like each year. The reason being participation in MIPS performance year 2023 comes with great challenges mainly based on specialties, reporting options, and new measures.

Plan ahead for your specialty and maximize your incentives.

Many physicians ask us this question and we have come up with a comprehensive table depicting positive and negative performance thresholds.
MIPS score below the
18.75% points would
earn the full 9% penalty!
MIPS 2023 Final Score
Payment Adjustment 2025
75.01 – 100 Points
Payment greater than 0% on a linear sliding scale is positive MIPS payment adjustment
75 Points
0% MIPS payment adjustment
18.76 – 74.99 Points
Negative MIPS payment adjustment between -9% and 0% on a linear sliding scale
0 – 18.75 Points
Negative MIPS payment adjustment of -9%

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Know A Little About MIPS 2023 Program

The Merit-Based Incentive Payment System (MIPS) comes under the Quality Payment Program (QPP),
and encourages the Medicare Part B service providers to shift towards performance-based payment system.

The Final Rule Changes in MIPS 2023 Reporting Program

Like each year also implemented some policy updates to the traditional MIPS program.
The Final Rule was released on November 1st, 2022 by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services
(CMS). What’s it all about? Our trained consultants for MIPS have shared a brief here.

Traditional MIPS Performance Threshold

We have a minimum performance threshold of 75 MIPS points

CMS continues to use the mean final score from the 2017 performance year to establish the performance threshold. This means the eligible individual clinicians and groups must reach 75 points again in 2023 to avoid the negative payment adjustment in the payment year 2025.

2023 MIPS Category Weights

MIPS Value Pathways (MVPs)

We all know CMS has made MVPs compulsory for reporting beginning this performance year 2023.

  • In the performance years 2023, 2024, and 2025 – Individual clinicians, single specialty groups, multispecialty groups, subgroups, and APM entities can report MVPs.
  • In the 2026 and onwards – individual clinicians, single specialty groups, subgroups, and APM entities can report MVPs

The Final 12 MVPs for the MIPS 2023 Reporting are:

  • Advancing Cancer Care MVP
  • Advancing Care Heart Disease MVP
  • Optimal Care for Patients with Episodic Neurological Condition MVP
  • Promoting Wellness MVP
  • Adopting Best Practices and Promoting Patient Safety with Emergency Medicines MVP
  • Optimal Care for Kidney Health MVP
  • Supportive Care for Neurodegenerative Care Conditions MVP
  • Optimizing Chronic Disease Management MVP
  • Improving Care for Lower Extremity Joint Repair MVP
  • Patient Safety and Support of Positive Experiences with Anesthesia MVP
  • Coordinating Stroke Care to Promote Prevention and Cultivate Positive Outcomes MVP
  • Advancing Rheumatology Patient Care MVP

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