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Diagnostic Radiology Specialists! Cover Every Aspects of Your MIPS 2022 Reporting!

Regardless of the amount of work, team QPP MIPS will help you handle the administrative load gracefully. We know that there are a lot of financial benefits that you can receive with quality MIPS data submission. Thus, you need a team that saves you from the hassle and drive up to 5% of the payment incentives towards your medical practice.

We Are Ready to Make 2021 MIPS Reporting Easy for You!

Report “QPP MIPS” Data of Your Diagnostic Radiology Practice with Confidence

There are several technical aspects attached to diagnostic radiology, and not every MIPS consultant can guide you about the most suitable Quality Measures. However, on our platform, you are free to ask any question and get a data-driven solution to excel in your performance period.

  • Our team takes up your administrative load on your behalf
  • We select diagnostic radiology relevant MIPS Quality Measures
  • We stay vigilant and rectify errors that can hinder your performance
  • Our consultants guide and report you throughout the reporting process
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Do You Want to Secure the 30% of the MIPS Quality Score?

Securing high points in the MIPS Quality category is so important because of its high percentage of the total MIPS score. However, you cannot meet your goals if you don’t pay attention to little details.

We, as your MIPS consultant, ensure that you:

Report 6 measures with one Outcome or High-Priority measure for the whole year. The submitted data has to comply with at least 70% of the MIPS eligible cases. With the successful MIPS IA reporting, you can earn more than 3 points per measure. 

Small medical practices which have less than 16 measures have a chance to earn 3 points for each measure. This condition applies even when one eligible case is reported.

You can choose to report from the following suggestions for diagnostic radiology measures.

  • Radiology: Reminder System for Screening Mammograms
  • Radiology: Stenosis Measurement in Carotid Imaging Reports
  • Appropriate Follow-up Imaging for Incidental Thyroid Nodules in Patients
  • Appropriate Follow-up Imaging for Incidental Thyroid Nodules in Patients
  • Radiology: Exposure Dose Indices of Exposure Time and Number of Images Reported for Procedures Using Fluoroscopy
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Radiologists! Secure 15% of the Improvement Activities (IA) in Your MIPS Data

Getting good points in IA not just level up your practice expertise but also get you high points for a smooth MIPS journey. So, if you are careful about what measures you report in this category, you can easily maximize your points!

As an eligible radiologist, you must attest for 2 high-weighted or 4 medium-weighted activities for at least 90 days.

Smaller groups or clinicians participating from the rural or underprivileged areas must attest to 1 high-weighted or 2 medium-weighted activities to secure points.

The participation criteria as a group for this category are simple. 50% of the eligible clinicians must perform the activity for continuous 90 days, and the period can differ from each other.

  • Participation in MOC Part IV (medium-weighted)
  • Participation in an AHRQ-listed patient safety organization. (medium-weighted)
  • Use of decision support and standardized treatment protocols (medium-weighted)
  • Use evidence-based decision aids to support shared decision-making (medium-weighted)
  • Collection and follow-up on patient experience and satisfaction data on beneficiary engagement (high weighted)
  • Implementation of the use of specialist reports back to referring clinician or group to close referral loop (medium-weighted)
  • Implementation of improvements that contribute to more timely communication of test results (medium-weighted)
  • Implementation of formal quality improvement methods, practice changes, or other practice improvement processes (medium-weighted)

MIPS Diagnostic Radiology Reporting Services

Want to Achieve 25% of the Promoting Interoperability (PI) Points for MIPS 2021?

If you are a clinician that is up for implementing tech innovation in their practice, you must adhere to PI reporting requirements in this regard.

Answer a few questions here!

Do you work with certified Electronic Healthcare Records (EHRs)?

Do you implement strategies that result in automation?

If yes, here are some suggestions against which diagnostic radiologists can report data.



Electronic Case Reporting

Clinical Data Registry Reporting

Public Health Registry Reporting

Immunization Registry Reporting

Syndromic Surveillance Reporting

Provide Patients Electronic Access to Their Health Information

Support Electronic Referral Loops by Sending Health Information

The query of Prescription Drug Monitoring Program

Support Electronic Referral Loops by Receiving and Incorporating Health Information