ACO Means Reduced Costs & Improved Clinical Efficiency A directed approach to improved RCM through seamless ACO reporting solutions! Let’s Discuss

ACO Reporting Services for Optimized Revenue Cycle Management

This broader concept of population health management program complies with the rules of the fee-for-service payment model, but it offers much more!

Here’s what Physicians can receive for ACO REPORTING!

These are the saving incentives that reward eligible clinicians for their extraordinary performance without breaking their banks. 

An association between all stakeholders where captures the true sense of healthcare also fills gaps on all fronts where an individual might lack. In return, the shared payments give financial leverage. Although the payments are shared, the support is unmatched in terms of maintaining quality service and resource management. 

However, there is one condition. Physicians have to meet the quality benchmarks set by the CMS (Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services). In a failed attempt, you can receive lesser payment adjustments from Medicare! Would you like that? Of course not! That is why you should outsource your ACO reporting to professionals like P3Care!

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Four Categories to Target

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    At-risk population

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    Preventive health

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    Patient or caregiver experience

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    Care coordination or patient safety

Increase the Performance of Your ACO!

ACO Reporting, MIPS Quality Measures, MIPS Qualified Registries, MIPS Reporting, MIPS Consultants, MIPS Consultations

A Little Detail about the Program

You can participate as per two options.

Participation Options

  • Medicare ACO
  • Commercial ACO (from a private payer)

There are 33 metrics in total out of the four categories. Other than the major categories, some metrics include performance in:

  • Providers’ communication
  • Screening for future fall risk
  • Shared decision-making

We can share your administrative load and help you capture all such details with accurate data.

Get Bonus by Targeting ACO Reporting Measures

Choose the result-oriented company to help you with the accurate reporting process.

Achieve Financial Success via Outsourcing ACO Reporting

Our experts bring data together from multiple sources and offer a comprehensive quality measure solution. Here’s what our consultants can do for you!
  • Flexible data aggregation for analysis across all EHRs
  • Support for data transition from Web Interface Submission
  • Holistic partnership for accurate data reporting
  • Check on the measure poor performance
  • Analytics and patient lists to identify improvement opportunities

Why ACO?

From Patient’s Point of View:

Patients receive benefits of coordinated healthcare services

For Clinicians’ Point of View:

They save on expenses, offer value-based service, empower physicians, extend resources, and offer collaboration



Track performance and manage risk assessment



Optimize reporting and achieve benchmarks



Easy CMS data submission through automation



Analyze data real-time and drive growth