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QPP MIPS Qualified Registry Reporting Demands More in 2023! We Need Your Precious 30 Minutes to Get Started!

In 2023, QPP MIPS will have an achievement threshold of 75 points to avoid the penalty. A performance score above 75 will automatically result in a positive payment adjustment for the providers. Thus, as an experienced MIPS Qualified Registry and Consultant, QPP MIPS acts on behalf of clinicians, groups, and virtual groups to get them to score high to avoid -9% and timely data submission.

Get Help from Experts

    Trusted by Thousands of Physicians for Value-Based QPP MIPS Reporting

    Share Your NPI Number to Check Eligibility
    With your shared information, we will check if you’re eligible to participate in the payment incentive program of QPP MIPS 2023.
    Discuss Your Reporting Objectives with Us
    Share what you want to achieve i.e. penalty-free spot, up to 5% of incentives, or qualify for a $500 million bonus pool in 2024.
    Meet QPP Reporting Criteria for All MIPS 2023 Performance Categories
    Our MIPS Consultants will gather, process, compile, and submit data for all four categories and submit them timely to CMS.

    Earn More with QPP MIPS 2023

    Stay Up-to-Date about the Complex QPP MIPS Reporting Requirements & Forget about -9% of Penalty in 2023

    The administrative load of QPP MIPS performance is troublesome for many. Moreover, not forget about the CMS changing requirements that can stray clinicians from their primary duties and confuse them further.

    Therefore, our MIPS 2023 consultation revolves around your specialty to maximize your clinical score. We believe in data-driven documentation that perfectly reflects your performance and prevents you from the penalty spot. QPP MIPS CMS is an opportunity to go bigger with your value-based reporting and earn Medicare reimbursements, and we can help you with that!

    Specialties We Cater to

    Have trouble meeting the changing QPP MIPS 2023 Reporting Requirements? We got you!

    General Surgery

    Explore general surgery-relevant options to avoid the low QPP MIPS Performance score in 2023.Read More »


    During the Public Health Emergency, let QPP MIPS Consultants handle oncology reporting complexities.Read More »


    For individuals or groups, our team helps orology practices with accurate MIPS reporting.Read More »


    The Cardiology MIPS Measures set has several options. Make sure you submit the best measures.Read More »

    Diagnostic Radiology

    We align your QPP MIPS 2023 Reporting objectives with your workflow via a quality reporting strategy.Read More »


    Access Quality Measures that get your neurology practice to meet a low-volume performance threshold.Read More »

    What Makes ``QPP MIPS 2023`` a Worthwhile Registry?

    We, as QPP MIPS consultants, provide data submission services that revolve around your organizational goals with a 98% of success rate. Our MIPS 2023 Qualified Registry takes you through each step of the measures selection process to help you understand what works best for your practice and why! It certainly depends on your performance graph. And, we don’t leave any room for error that you might miss amidst the stressful time of the year, that is, the end of the MIPS performance year and the reporting period.

    And what bigger proof you can get for our reliable services other than our recognition as a MIPS Qualified Registry by CMS, starting from 2017.

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      Secure 30% of the Final MIPS score by accurate MIPS reporting complied with the CMS requirements.

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      Improvement Activities

      Getting 15% of the Final QPP MIPS score is easy, provided clinicians submit their IA data efficiently to CMS.

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      Promoting Interoperability

      Practitioners can secure 25% of the Final MIPS Score by registering their PI efforts to the authority.

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      CMS accesses claims automatically without you having to submit any data for 30% of the Final MIPS Score.

    Are You Prepared to Overcome MIPS Reporting Hurdles?

    Successful reporting provides the right impetus to your revenue cycle and pushes it towards the goal of greater collections. Moreover, physicians can include their name in the Physicians Portal to register their exceptional quality performance throughout the year. As a CMS MIPS Qualified Registry since 2017, we furnish a 98% success ratio for our clients. All you have to do is choose our MIPS package to get started.

    MIPS Essential

    Guaranteed 9% penalty avoidance and secure a safe position in the QPP MIPS program.

    MIPS Budget Neutral

    Guaranteed 9% penalty avoidance & up to 5% incentives in the payment program – MIPS.

    Benchmark MIPS

    Avoid up to 9% of penalty, get up to 5% incentives & qualify for a $500 million bonus pool.
    We strive for a healthcare system without bias and where providers are the real winners through an assistive approach.
    Ensure a penalty-free spot
    Customer Satisfaction
    Accurate data management
    Accurate data management

    Navigating the MIPS Maze: Fears, Goals, and Solutions for Healthcare Practitioners

    The world of healthcare regulations can feel overwhelming, and the Merit-based Incentive Payment System (MIPS) is no exception. Many healthcare practitioners share similar concerns about MIPS. Topping the list are worries about MIPS eligibility: Will they qualify and be subject to reporting requirements? Uncertainty about navigating the complexities of MIPS registry reporting can also be daunting. Practitioners often fear the time commitment and potential errors involved.
    These anxieties stem from a genuine desire to deliver high-quality care. Healthcare professionals ultimately share the same goal: positive patient outcomes. However, the fear of MIPS penalties for falling short on reporting metrics can create additional stress.

    Fortunately, solutions exist to help practitioners navigate MIPS and achieve their goals. MIPS-eligible providers can find valuable resources online, including the official QPP website (https://qpp.cms.gov/) which offers tools and guidance. For MIPS registry reporting, many companies offer specialized services to streamline the process and ensure accuracy. These services can significantly reduce the burden on busy practices.

    By utilizing available resources and partnering with experienced MIPS support services, healthcare practitioners can transform MIPS from a source of anxiety into a tool for continuous improvement. This allows them to focus their energy on what matters most: delivering excellent care to their patients.

    Physicians’ MIPS 2023 Testimonials

    There is no better reward than clinicians’ satisfaction. You can also be on our achievement list.

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