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MIPS demands more in 2021. Are you ready to ace the program?

In 2021, CMS increases the performance threshold to 60 points to avoid a penalty. A score above 60 will automatically result in positive payment adjustment for providers. Therefore, QPP MIPS, as an experienced registry, performs on behalf of clinicians, groups, and virtual groups to get them to score high and grab incentives. Ready to avoid a penalty in 2021? Look right ahead!

Learn how the QPP MIPS approach fulfills your compliance duty and improves your score.

MIPS and Care Quality Management

Data Combination

Ensure a smooth combination of data across connected platforms – practice management/EHR to our systems. The health IT consultants lead the way to submit CQMs and eCQMs for high scores.

MIPS Excellence

Among other services, MIPS consultancy remains our primary service. Know what measures are suitable for your practice and which measures can get you a high score with ease.

For All Specialties

Identify measures; explore them individually; and, submit them with accuracy via your dedicated MIPS consultant. Ensure data integrity at all levels staying compliant with the rules of HIPAA.

ACO Submissions

MIPS Quality reporting for you as an ACO combines knowledge of measures, data accuracy, and timely submission. They align with your specialty converting into MIPS incentives.

HEDIS Reporting

Healthcare Effectiveness Data and Information Set (HEDIS) is one of healthcare’s most widely used performance enhancement tools. Get over HEDIS with QPP MIPS.

Data Migration

Transfer your files upholding PHI safety and EHR data integrity. Data extraction in healthcare happens best at QPP MIPS aligned with EHR data migration best practices.

Pillars of QPP MIPS

Score Updates

Clinicians are kept updated on their performance scores.

Health IT Support

Simple and quick answers to your questions regarding MIPS data submission.

MIPS Performance Categories

Report Quality, Promoting Interoperability, and Improvement Activities.

Round the Clock Reporting

Clinicians have the option to submit performance measures all year-round.

Screening for Errors

The account managers check for common yet costly mistakes.

Rainbow of Services

Tend to HIPAA security risk analysis, data migration, and HEDIS.

Are you prepared to overcome MIPS?

Under the Quality Payment Program, performance counts. With a total impact of up to 12% and 16% in MIPS 2019 and 2020, respectively, your Medicare revenue is bound to increase. Successful reporting provides the right impetus to your revenue cycle and pushes it towards the goal of greater collections. As a CMS MIPS Qualified Registry since 2017, we enter the fourth year of existence furnishing a 100% success ratio for our clients.


Ensure a penalty-free spot


Customer Satisfaction


of your time

John Cougher – General Physician

I absolutely loved this company. They were so polite to answer all my MIPS related queries throughout the reporting process and offer the perfect solution to my problems. 10/10 recommendation.

Anna Cooper – Healthcare Practitioner- Gynecologist

I have been able to save myself from penalty via the MIPS essential package. I submitted data via the proper guidelines stated by CMS with my specialty-specific measures. – All within my budget.

An Authoritative Way to Tackle MIPS

What Makes ``QPP MIPS`` a Worthwhile Registry?

Let us take a look at a few reasons to choose QPP MIPS.

First, we have been providing MIPS consulting services to clinicians for quite a while now. Second, we have managed to include HEDIS, HIPAA Security Risk Analysis, Medical Billing, and MIPS for ACOs and Data Migration to our list of services.
Any success story that results from our efforts is worth mentioning and be grateful for. It is an honor that CMS recognizes us as a MIPS Qualified Registry for four years on the trot starting from the year 2017. Interestingly, 2017 was also the first year of transition to the value-based care system. If fortune continues to favor us, 2021 will be the fifth year in what you may call a successful run for us as a MIPS registry.
Our purpose is to strive for a healthcare system in which people are treated equally and without bias, where providers are the real winners through an assistive approach.